Thursday, April 22, 2010

Twisted Ankle

Boo was running to the bus after school and twisted her ankle.
It hurt badly, but she still managed to get supper made for a surprise her mother when she got home.
I saw her limp away from the stove and asked her what was wrong. I looked at it and it was swollen and bruised.
Her medical insurance has changed from $5 dollars a visit to the emergency room to $50. No way can I afford that.
I tried calling some one in the family, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone.
Finally I got a hold of my sister.

While telling my sister what had happened, Boo says she wants something to drink.
I asked what did she want and she said...I’m not telling you!
Sister…How are you supposed to know what she wants, if she wont tell you.
Me…Boo, how am I going to get you something if you don’t tell me.
Boo…If you will give me your old crutches, then I can do it myself.
Me...I told you, they are too big for you!
Boo…No they’re not! (Whining)

Sister…Just go get them for her and when they don’t fit, she can take them back!
I relayed this last bit to Boo.
Boo…How can I take them back? I can’t walk
Sister…Crawl or hop!! LOL!
Boo…And let the ANTS eat me!! Nuh-ah!

I go get the crutches and would you know it, they fit her perfectly. She has grown two inches since the last time she wanted to use them.

She is stumbling and falling and all I can do is laugh.
She is so stuck on being independent; there is not much I can do for her.
So, I laugh and laugh!

She plops herself down on the couch and spills her drink all over herself!
She sucks in her breathe and then starts yelling that she needs to have a new nightgown.
Me…It will dry!
Boo… (Starting to cry) I’m all wet, I need a clean one!
She hobbles off on her own.

Sister and I are laughing our butts off!!!

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